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Clinton's former press secretary Joe Lockhart compares Sarah Huckabee Sanders to Baghdad Bob

One of White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders' predecessors has offered a pretty brutal assessment of her job performance.
Joe Lockhart, who served as press secretary under former President Bill Clinton, told CNN Wednesday that Sanders is "not doing her job," per Mediaite. A White House press secretary has to "adhere to the truth," he said, arguing that she no longer does that. The CNN panel was specifically discussing Sanders' claim Tuesday afternoon that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was "ambushed" by the FBI, which she insisted is the case despite Flynn saying in court that the FBI did not entrap him and that he knowingly lied to them though he knew it was a crime.
Lockhart went on to say that the rest of the world used to be able to trust the U.S. government, but they don't anymore. "We don't send out Baghdad Bob or Tokyo Rose," he said. "We send out people that the rest of the people can count on. And right now we've abdicated that, across the board and in many ways." Watch Lockhart's comments below.

Breaking down all the @PressSec lies with the @NewDay team. As @JoeLockhart said, the White House press secretary must tell the truth and must be believed. "We don't send out 'Baghdad Bob' or 'Tokyo Rose.' We send out people the rest of the world can count on."
— Josh Campbell (@joshscampbell) December 19, 2018

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