en-US Parkland Shooting Survivors Win Children#039;s Peace Prize The Florida students who created an international movement to raise awareness about gun violence after a deadly school shooting have been awarded the International Children's Peace Prize. Tue, 20 2018 15:38:27 GMT Airlines Remain As Leveraged To Fuel Price Swings As Ever, And Right Now That#039;s A Good Thing Not all of the risk has been removed from airline investing. Most notably, airlines still – and likely always will – remain highly sensitive to energy price changes. Tue, 20 2018 11:05:00 GMT Why the White House’s Rules for Press Conferences May Pose New Problems WASHINGTON — The White House fully restored CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s hard pass on Monday, and the news network in turn ended their litigation against the Trump administration. At the same time, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders outlined a new set of rules for the media during press conferences. But those, too, […] Tue, 20 2018 00:26:34 GMT White House Relents On Jim Acosta Press Pass Threat The administration has pulled a 180 on its plans to once again revoke Jim Acosta’s press pass. Mon, 19 2018 21:53:43 GMT White House Restores Jim Acosta’s Press Pass, CNN Drops Lawsuit A letter from the White House to Acosta included revised rules for how to behave during presidential press conferences. Mon, 19 2018 21:20:20 GMT White House to fully restore Jim Acosta#8217;s press pass; CNN to drop lawsuit The decision to grant Acosta full access comes after the White House had earlier in the day indicated it would revoke his credentials once a court-ordered temporary restraining order expired in two weeks. “We look forward to continuing to cover the White House,” CNN said in a tweet announcing the restoration of Acosta’s press pass […] Mon, 19 2018 21:17:01 GMT Why We Cut Our Price Estimate For Applied Materials We have reduced our price estimate for Applied Materials by about 15% to $45 per share, to account for headwinds in the semiconductor industry, which is seeing weaker pricing for memory components and slowing demand from smartphone and electronics manufacturers. Mon, 19 2018 17:58:00 GMT Renault Stock Price Hit As CEO Carlos Ghosn Arrested In Japan Renault of France’s stock price fell almost 10% after news CEO Carlos Ghosn was arrested in Japan over suspected financial violations. Ghosn is also chairman of Nissan Motor of Japan, and heads up the Nissan Renault alliance, which now includes Mitsubishi Motors. Mon, 19 2018 15:32:00 GMT Formula 3 driver Sophia Floersch suffers spinal injury in scary crash at Macau Grand Prix A Formula 3 driver suffered a spinal injury Sunday when she was involved in a scary crash at the Macau Grand Prix. Mon, 19 2018 13:47:19 GMT White House Vows To Suspend Jim Acosta’s Press Pass Again A judge issued a restraining order requiring the Trump administration to reinstate Acosta's press credentials. Mon, 19 2018 10:06:41 GMT