Today in the city Sunland Park 23.02.2020

Badge Delete on Ram 2500!

This is how I safely remove badges without damaging the paint. The truck looks a lot more clean without them!

Training Hard

BorderCyclist, Binational Team.

Mariachi Fiesta Mexicana


Motivational Minute


Cumple Mamita Alma

Show Fiesta Mexicana.

My Graduation 🎓

SMJ Martial Arts CQC Tradecraft Horizontal Strike

Horizontal Strike side to side remember to apply dynamically.

My Firend First Video

Pokyman-"Welcome video" I was pointing out hat this was his first video.

Welcome video

"Welcome to my channel" on YouTube

Searchlight Needles - Barrymore

Barrymore - Live from SharkDogs in El Paso, Texas.


Family Towers.

Eep - "Canal" - Studio Playback - February 21, 2020

Two days ago we did the final mix on "Canal" at Brainville Studios (Sunland Park, New Mexico) for Eep's upcoming first album. We thought you'd enjoy a little ...

Eep - "Breathless" - Ross Working on Flute Loop - February 21, 2020

Ross Ingram at Brainville Music working on looping Kristyn Ingram's beautiful flute part on "Breathless" from our upcoming first album!

Bernie Sanders visits El Paso, TX!!

Bernie Sanders visited El Paso at the Abraham Chavez Theater on Feb 22, 2020 #elpaso #whatsgoodep #elpasostrong #elpasotx #elpasoisimportant ...

Pitbull - On The Floor / I Like It / ‪ DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love - Live Tour El Paso Texas 22 Feb 20

Pitbull - Hotel Room Service - Live Tour 2020 El Paso Texas 22 Febrero

Pitbull - Timber - Live Tour 2020 El Paso Texas 22 Febrero

Pitbull live in El Paso 2020 Best Performance

Cómo va la camperizacion de un Shuttle Bus/ Tanque de agua potable- pintura rines- pintura interna.

Hoy fue uno de esos días muy productivos. Hemos avanzado un montón en la camperizacion de nuestra nueva casa rodante. • Instalamos la compuerta para ...

ANGRY Master!

Martial Arts.


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My Love- AllAmerikan-BadBoy (p.Othello)

AllAmerikan-BadBoy El Paso, Texas lyricist/rapper.

Los bailes


Intense 1v1 calling out flightreacts!!!

2020: Otis Series M2 Traction Elevators/Lifts @ Hotel Indigo Downtown El Paso TX


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2020: Smartrise High-Speed Elevators/Lifts @ Aloft Hotel Downtown El Paso TX

My puppy playing with my brother!!!!!!!:-)

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2020: Modded Otis High-Speed Elevators/Lifts @ Wells Fargo Garage Downtown El Paso TX

PLEASE NOTE* The main elevators are locked off on weekends not weekdays.

2020: Kone Traction Elevators/Lifts @ Mills Plaza Garage El Paso TX

2020: Otis Newer Series 4 Gen2 MRL Traction Elevators/Lifts @ Courtyard Marriott Downtown El Paso TX

Sneak peak S20 Samsung Galaxy

Thank you T-mobile for a sneak peek at this rare phone and YouTube please don't panic. Besides I'm keeping all my cellphone loving fans updated also t ...

Bernie Sanders rallies in El Paso, TX amid Nevada caucus: "We are going to change this country."

Sen. Bernie Sanders held a rally in El Paso, TX on Saturday amid the Nevada caucus. FULL REMARKS.

Left My Family (Produced LCS)

Bernie Sanders Rally

These Hispanics are awful. The latina said my wife is loco. My wife is Mexicana.

Sen. Bernie Sanders 🔥 holds a rally at the Abraham Chavez Theatre in El Paso, Texas

Sen. Bernie Sanders holds a rally at the Abraham Chavez Theatre in El Paso, Texas. NOTHING IS MORE POWERFUL THAN THE PEOPLE: RALLY IN EL PASO ...

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Christmas in El Paso


Suck my ass.

El loco

El locosilocura.

2020: Modded Otis Traction Elevators/Lifts @ Doubletree Hotel Downtown El Paso TX

2020: Schindler 6400NA Traction Elevators/Lifts @ Holiday Inn Express Downtown El Paso TX


Hola gente, en este directo vamos a intentar hacer freestyles y llegar a gran campeon en rocket league por primera vez en toda mi vida:)! comentenme que les ...

SMJ Martial Arts A.C.T. Arrest and Control Tactics

This video make reference to a book called Arrest and Control Tactics that I Co- authored that is part of my CQC Tradecraft curriculum for Law Enforcement ...

Brad’s Bar-Misfit

Celebrating another rotation around the sun.

Commissary Grocery Haul (collab with Simple Home Therapy)

Hey everyone! Welcome to my Commissary Grocery Haul. My friend Miranda over at Simple Home Therapy and I have done a collaboration about our grocery ...

Malgastando Doobie Crohnik ( Ensayo 02-22-2020 ) Next Level

2020 show Fuego En El Ghetto.

Pitbull attacked my papillion dog

Pitbull attacked my dog he is a 10 year old papillion who was just using the restroom outside and was on his leash and the pitbull wasnt he was a stray please ...

Magura MT Trail Sport Test Ride

Note: For the purpose of this video, “sketchy” translates to “riding with only one functioning brake…” Link to my blog write-up of the MT Trail Sport Brakes: ...


Puro Oaxaca.
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